Our Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Network (WJJN) as a learning collaborative is to promote, support, and advance effective practice in working with youth and their families who are in or at risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system.


  • GOAL I: Launch network with finalized organizational structure, mission, values, and foundational principles. (Within 6 months)
  • GOAL II:  Communicate and provide outreach to partners about WJJN in order to solicit input, identify needs and gaps. (Within 6 months)
  • GOAL III: Develop a practice model or framework for statewide utilization which would serve as a common and consistent platform to guide mutual efforts of the juvenile justice system. (Within 1 year)
  • GOAL  IV: Develop a WJJN website for communication and information sharing in order to provide resources and information to an online community of juvenile justice stakeholders and practitioners throughout Wisconsin. (Within 1 year)

Information about the initial organizational structure and leadership of WJJN is available thru this link.