About Us

The Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Network (WJJN) is a learning and leadership network of juvenile justice professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families at risk of or in contact with the juvenile justice system.

How Did We Get Started?

Following discussions among a number of leaders interested in building a stronger communication and learning network to advance juvenile justice practice reforms in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Network began forming early in 2014 with a goal of establishing a collaborative structure led by practitioners.

We Had Some Help Along the Way

Building on the What Works Wisconsin initiative supported by the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission, and with assistance from the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center and subsequent grant support from the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Justice – and with the dedicated participation of network members, the Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Network has developed a Juvenile Justice Practice Model to help guide best practices and this website as one tool to increase communication across the state.

What is Next?

The answer to this is largely up to the participating members of the network.  Discussions will continue to evolve around developing  more “research to practice” information, increasing shared training and learning opportunities and resources, and telling the stories of the good work that is being done already around the state, in counties of all shapes and sizes!!  The purpose of planning is not to predict the future but to shape it, and members of the network will play a big role in shaping how effective we are in working with youth and families in a way that benefits them, our communities, and our state.